MIP Buzzwords Were Audience Engagement

New multichannel networks (MCN) were out in force in Cannes last week. MIPTV, the main market for television programs is readying to drop the ”TV” and become a trading place for all digital content. New players have entered the arena.

The digital challenge for the traditional television was evident during the market as business is getting slower: attendance is drastically down (figures weren’t available at the writing of this), no major deals were announced, there was no hype on new programs and the advertising billboards along Croisette were afew.

YouTube was leading the pact of the multiple channel operators, along with Maker Studios (recently acquaired by Disney for reported 500 million USD), Chipotle (providing a new twist on food programs), France-based Melberries, comedy brand Golden Moustache and a host of others.

Youth and music brand VICE’s founder and CEO Shane Smith echoed new players’ confidence. Smith told that people ask him if VICE is on TV, digital or convergence? ”All I care about is content. There’s been a changing of the guards in media. Content could be online, mobile, anything. When it’s on holograms, we’ll be on holograms.”

Twitter strong on second screen

 Various second screen applications were presented at MIP Cube. Audience metrics field had a few promising products. Laurent Dehasse, co-funder of French Vigiglobe presented a tool for qualitative analysis of social media intelligence. Its principal lays on content enrichment via research and data mining. Vigiglobe partners with Twitter-ecosystem and is one of the four European Twitter partner companies.

Deb Roy, chief media scientist at Twitter presented an example of NFL embedding a 30-second clip of just-aired football footage in a tweet targeted at a Twitter user who is engaging in a hashtagged conversation –whether or not they were watching the TV. ”It is about taking tiny bits of TV and use Twitter to broadcast them and extend the reach,” he said.

Want to learn more about the content and applications made for the accompanying screens?

Commission Helsinki will present a full day seminar Second Screen ABC in Helsinki on May 8th. Please get more information of the seminar here: http://www.commissionhelsinki.fi/events/second-screen-abc/

”Original yes, but make it funny”

–       Didier Joos, TEVIZZ

MIPTV also paraded online talent on stage. US-based online-only news program The Young Turks was participating in Digital Fronts, MIPTV’s new market place for digital-only content. The Young Turks is a fresh take on the established news broadcasts and it aims to tell things ”how they are”. Its video channel on YouTube has over 1,5 million subscribers and has recorded almost 1.4 billion views. – Most online content is based on humor, lifestyle and entertainment.

This year’s MIP absentees were the Asians, Russians, Americans, and the list goes on. A few countries stood up, namely Israel and Turkey. Israel is breaking through to the international market with its scripted formats, such as Prisoners of war aka Homeland and non-scripted formats. Israel also has active business with China.

Turkey is hitting new markets, especially in Near East and Eastern Europe. Long running dramas and romance are in demand and Turkey is happy to carve out its share of the business.

Film Commissions at MIP were few and apart. Wales succeeded having its own seminar slot on funding and production opportunities, along with Brussels, who presented its companies shaping the future of digital content. And the ”Incentive award” goes to Trinidad Tobago, who claims to reimburse 50 % of the local spend back to foreign productions.

Random notes

Cross culture drama continues strong. Scandi fare is still riding high on the wave created by Borgen, The Bridge, Wallander, Lillyhammer and others. Sweden’s TV4 commissioned second season of Welcome to Sweden, a comedy about a New York accountant who follows his Swedish girlfriend when she returns home. The show will premiere on American NBC this July.

4K Ultra HD screenings were held throughout the week, but it seems that the only loyals for the format at this point are Japan’s NHK and the BBC. It is hard to get commitments from the big broadcasters for this costly transition. Online services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon and others are able to stream 4K content, but it seems 4K remains on eperimental level for years to come.


Timoteus Tuovinen is a media professional, currently acting Commissioner for Commission Helsinki. This was Timoteus’  27th consequtive bi-annual MIP and MIPCOM in Cannes where he, therefore, has spent well over a year of his life.

Timoteus Tuovinen

Timoteus on av-alan pitkän linjan ammattilainen, joka hallitsee digitaalisen sisältöteollisuuden. Hänen vahvimpia osaamisalueitaan ovat tv-liiketoiminnan tuotekehitys, digitaalisten sisältöformaattien kehittäminen ja kaupallistaminen, jakeluväylät sekä käyttäjämotiivit. Hänellä on kattavat verkostot sekä Suomessa että ulkomailla. Vuosina 2017-2018 Timoteus vastasi Digital Media Finlandin puolesta media-alan kiihdyttämön Mediapolis Acceleratorin toiminnasta Tampereella.