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Timoteus Tuovinen

Timoteus Tuovinen

Timoteus is a true specialist in the audiovisual field, and is also very familiar with the creation of digital content. His strengths are product development in the television business, the development and commercialization of digital content formats, distribution channels, and user motives. Timoteus also has a wide range of expertise in the strategic planning of contents, on-demand services, games and earning models of online services. His successful networking skills have brought him valuable contacts both on a domestic and international level. During 2017-2018 Timoteus will be responsible for running the Mediapolis Accelerator in Tampere on behalf of Digital Media Finland.

tel. +358 400 622 824

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Sosiaalinen media puhutti MIP:issä

Tervetuloa lukemaan Timoteuksen raportti suurimmasta TV-sisältöjen messutapahtumasta, joka pidettiin Cannesissa 1.-4.4.2012. Messuja edelsi paripäiväinen MIP Cube-tapahtuma, jossa haettiin uusia digitaalisia sisältöinnovaatioita, järjestettiin työpajoja ja palkittiin […]