All our consultants have a long and diverse work experience. We are experts in solving business issues related to the digital revolution in various industries. We're also well-versed in strategy processes, developing management practices, and managing organizational development and change.

All our consultants have a long and diverse work experience. We are experts in solving business issues related to the digital revolution in various industries. We're also well-versed in strategy processes, developing management practices, and managing organizational development and change.


Seppo Kalli

Seppo Kalli ›

Seppo is an expert in ICT leadership. He has an extensive knowledge of leading expert organizations, and in combining business with technology. He is specialized in telecommunications, television technology, and business within digital communications, television and the Internet. He has a wide network of connections in the ICT sector and among academic research professionals.

puh. +358 44 757 5701

Liisa Kotilainen

Liisa Kotilainen ›

Liisa is a digital media and marketing expert. Her experience, knowledge and insight are valuable on both strategic and operational level. Liisa’s passion is to create new business and help people through change. She can help you, among other things, in strategy formulation and identifying opportunities to create growth.

puh. +358 40 535 0137

Virpi Martikainen

Virpi Martikainen ›

Virpi is a specialist in the digital media business. Her extensive skills range from online and mobile services to music and games. She has lots of experience in leading and carrying out product development projects as well as strategy processes within the telecommunications and content sectors.

puh. +358 50 584 6818

Jari Muikku

Jari Muikku ›

Jari is an expert in creative industries, and is especially familiar with intellectual property rights. His expertise covers music, radio, television, and online and mobile services. He has plenty of experience with strategy processes, licensing, international business, and various societies within the creative industries.

puh. +358 40 719 7480

Tommi Rissanen

Tommi Rissanen ›

Tommi knows his way around the latest technologies and online services, especially when it comes to building and changing business models. He has long experience in business model development and building R&D projects related to AI, game development, other media and a number of other fields. He is also specialized in digital ecosystems and value networks in the field of business development. He is currently finalizing his doctoral thesis on business model experimentation at LUT School of Business.

puh. +358 40 164 5364

Network Partners

Timo Argillander

Timo Argillander ›

Timo is managing partner at venture capital investor IPR.VC and advisor in the Digital Media Finland team. Timo has an extensive experience in strategy work and managing change projects as an entrepreneur, professional manager, consultant and investor. He’s an expert on business models in changing business environments and interpreting technological changes.

puh. +358 400 448 079

Kristiina Markkula

Kristiina Markkula ›

Kristiina has an extensive and versatile experience in media business. She is specialized in industry and targeted strategies, R&D, leadership in expert organization and project management. She has also strong experience in planning and implementing projects both in traditional and digital media. In her prior position, she has focused in particular on the challenges and possibilities that digitalization brings to newspaper, magazine and book publishing.

puh. +358 50 560 1312

Petri Pekki

Petri Pekki ›

Petri has extensive experience on enlarging digital business in several areas such as media, e-commerce and digital advertising. Already twenty years ago he was one of the founders of Finland’s leading real estate portal and since then has accumulated his experience through numerous digital projects leading to online business growth. His strengths are in concept design, digital earning models, content marketing, and M&A activities.

puh. +358 400 768 801

Maija-Leena Rissanen

Maija-Leena Rissanen ›

Maija-Leena is an experienced professional in the field of business development, sales and marketing. Her specialties are the development of new service and product concepts, and the creation of market entry plans within the international business by using innovative technologies. Maija-Leena has a profound knowledge of companies’ strategy processes, and product development related to them. She also masters the key client relationship management. Maija-Leena has been working in several industries such as telecommunications, ICT, manufacturing and environmental industries. The ability to combine the customer focus, the processes of a company, and the technologies is one of her strengths.

puh. +358 44 062 0327

Timoteus Tuovinen

Timoteus Tuovinen ›

Timoteus is a true specialist in the audiovisual field, and is also very familiar with the creation of digital content. His strengths are product development in the television business, the development and commercialization of digital content formats, distribution channels, and user motives. Timoteus also has a wide range of expertise in the strategic planning of contents, on-demand services, games and earning models of online services. His successful networking skills have brought him valuable contacts both on a domestic and international level. During 2017-2018 Timoteus will be responsible for running the Mediapolis Accelerator in Tampere on behalf of Digital Media Finland.

puh. +358 400 622 824

Jarkko Virtanen

Jarkko Virtanen ›

Jarkko has an extensive experience in capital investments, developing businesses aiming at the international market in the various stages of the process, and managing the exit stage as an angel and capital investor, adviser, and entrepreneur. He’s an expert in management mentoring and has industry expertise in ICT, media, cleantech, industrial automation, as well as health care technology and service-based businesses.

puh. +358 40 547 6945